Chaise Camp, MA, MS, MA

Skills, Knowledge, Attributes, and Abilities

Engagement and Collaboration

Built trust and influence to guide organizational development and improvement efforts. Inspired confidence in others by engaging them in discovering solutions to their own operational challenges. Management experience with proven success provided credibility when working with all levels of the organization.

Operations and Innovation

Continuously leveraged multi-disciplinary experience and education to create innovative solutions. Knowledge and training with advanced analytics resulted in quicker problem identification and shortened project times. Experience as a counselor enhanced ability to account for and work with team members to drive sustainable improvements.

Work History

Sr. Patient Experience Manager, 2012-Present
Cone Health

  • Developed the “Mission Control” program that manages the entirety of departmental improvement efforts, from problem identification, innovation, and planning, to execution.
  • Identified staff scheduling opportunity in Radiology that would result in reduced length of stay in the Emergency Department, faster service, and $500k in savings per year.
  • Managed improvement projects in the Emergency Department that resulted in a 77 percentile point increase in patient satisfaction and improvement on 15 of 18 staff satisfaction indicators.
  • Oversaw the rapid expansion of the popular Mission Control program to 14 additional departments.

Manager of Projects and Operations, 2008-2011
Jewish Hospital

  • Adapted the United Parcel Service’s logistics center for the hospital. The logistics center proactively addresses throughput issues resulting in 10 minute emergent transfers, 45 minute urgent transfers, and zero diversion hours.
  • Implemented a collaborative performance enhancement system on three nursing units. Resulted in a 67% reduction in staff call-ins and 54 percentile point increase in patient satisfaction scores over baseline units.
  • Engaged and coordinated the efforts of 52 directors and managers in creating a cross-functional plan for falls reduction. Falls decreased by 2 per 1,000 patient days.
  • Led the 46 person, $900k Central Transport department.

Associate Instructor, 2004-2008
University of Kentucky

  • Created motivational system for classroom resulting in increases in student performance, outcome ownership, class preparedness, and learning-time efficiency
  • Developed and taught course on leadership

Associate Instructor, 2002-2003
University of Indiana

  • Created and taught courses in communication focusing on assessing audience needs, message creation, and delivery
  •  Conducted workshops on the effective use of multimedia in communication

Counselor, 2002-2003
Center for Human Growth

  • Counseled clients with psychological, performance, and relational issues affecting home and work lives

Counselor, 2001-2002
Abilene Christian University

  • Conducted team building workshops and conflict resolution with collegiate sports team


2013-Present  University of North Carolina-Greensboro
MBA Program

2004-2012  University of Kentucky
PhD Program – Political Science (MA, ABD)

2003-2004 Ball State University
MA Political Science (5/04)

2002-2003 Indiana University
Counseling Psychology (PhD Program)

2000-2002 Abilene Christian University
MS Clinical Psychology (5/02)

1998-2000 Hardin-Simmons University
BBS Psychology 5/00)

Foreign Studies and Language

2007 Colón Language Center
Hamburg, Germany
German Level Attained: B2*

2006 Centro Giacomo Puccini
Viareggio, Italy
Italian Level Attained: A2*

2005 Galileo Galilei
Valencia, Spain
Spanish Level Attained: B1*

2002 Heinrich Heine
Düsseldorf, Germany
German Level Attained: A2*

*Common European Framework of Reference


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